electric outboard motor with LiFePO4 battery

electric outboard motor with LiFePO4 battery

Boating with EZ Outboard is Enjoyable, Enjoyable, Easy for Everyone! 

EZ of Use. Clean. Silent. Light. Efficient. Safe. CZPT. Reasonably priced

A growing amount of boat homeowners favour electric propulsion to electricity their recreational boats, dinghy, kayakers, tender boats, fishing boats, catamaran, pontoons and cruisers. CZPT propulsion outboard helps make boating encounter really entertaining and pleasant thanks to the simplicity of use, absence of engine sound, fuel fumes and vibrations, and the bilge stays good and clean with no oil or grease fouling the timber. With 90% less transferring parts there is small that can put on out or split down, creating electric powered motors a reliable and viable option for modest boats. EZ outboards are pure electrical propulsion, centered on 20HP or reduced energy ranges which demand significantly less battery capability and a lot more inexpensive for boat owners. Our progressive electric powered propulsion outboards are effectively made and engineered for the highest energy efficiency, greatest security and virtually maintenance free. 

CZPT Motor has been a leading producer of substantial electrical power BLDC motors and controllers for much more than twelve years. CZPT motors are core components to make electric powered propulsion outboards. We experienced commenced conversion of employed gasoline outboards to electric powered model by replacing combustion engines with BLDC motors about 9 years in the past. We have obtained in-depth encounter and understanding about gasoline outboards from this conversion enterprise, and learnt its pros and downsides. In the stop, we made the decision to totally re-layout electric powered propel outboards to address the concerns and weak spot locations we located from existing gasoline outboards, and to greatest make use of complete positive aspects of our higher performance (>90%) and durable (>20000 several hours of working lifestyle) BLDC motors. The thought is to assist the atmosphere, minimize down on noise and preserve heaps of funds in routine maintenance. Boats with EZ Outboard can sit all winter and is not going to need winterization and oil alterations, no maintenance or only minimum maintenance is required. 

(E for CZPT Propulsion, Z for Zero Pollution, EZ also for Ease of Use) is our new brand name for our modern style electrical propulsion outboards (worldwide patented). Its patented gearless, brushless, shaft-less design and style tends to make it really efficient, reputable, quiet, gentle, compact, and expense saving. The new types also just take thought of compatibility of installation, teleflex remote handle and exchangeable propellers with typical gasoline outboards. The BLDC motors and controllers are optimally developed for electric outboards use with motor speeds (2000rpm-2800rpm) matching to typical propellers CZPT speed reduction gears, so you can get the identical boat speeds as by gasoline outboards with equivalent horse powers. EZ outboard shaft size is All-in-A single size, user adjustable between long and short to cater for diverse boat installations, boat hundreds which may possibly fluctuate dynamically from time to time. This helpful feature tends to make boat builders, house owners and outboard dealer’s organization much less difficult, no a lot more confusion on shaft lengths, no more abnormal inventory for long and limited shaft outboards! The motor controllers are sinewave technology certain smoothness handle, and programmable by way of Personal computer or smartphones to setup speed restrict, optimum existing, decrease voltage limit as you wish to meet up with your needs and nearby authority’s restrictions, no matter whether 9.9HP or 10HP, you can plan it! Its real performance and prosperous functions will be beyond your expectation. 

We appear up two collection of pure electric powered outboards: One particular we called Sports and Commercial Collection for people who want quickly boat speeds as drived by gasoline outboards, the propeller speeds are amongst 2500-2800rpm Another we known as Leisure Sequence for these who require slower boat speeds, larger thrust power and significantly less batteries essential, very light in fat(15kgs – 22kgs) and fast setup (30 seconds only), the propeller speeds are in between 1200-1600rpm. Equally sequence of electric propulsion outboards are equiped with our patented brushless and gearless generate motors, immediate generate CZPT pace reduction gear from motor to propeller, optimum trustworthiness and strength efficiency confirmed. All EZ outboards support the two tiller steering manage, and remote steering handle by means of teleflex cable same way as utilised in gasoline outboards. Any single outboard commonly caters for the two handle methods. You can select possibly control technique at the identical price tag! 

Learn to Run It in Minutes! Smooth Manage Assured. 
One EZ Outboard Serves Numerous Needs: Sporting, Cruising, Trolling

Sporting activities Series Functions: Pursuit of Speed, Sports activities Expertise
1) Propeller speeds are equivalent to traditional gasoline/diesel outboards. 
2) Large-power higher-effectiveness brushless DC generate motor (3KW-10KW) offers robust steady thrust
3) Gearless transmission, no pace reduction system, producing the layout far more concise, peaceful, resilient, and power-preserving
4) Prolonged/limited shaft All-in-1, customers can change the set up depth and angle at any time to optimize the propulsion performance
five) Distant/Tiller control suitable interface, consumers can freely choose/swap management modes
six) 3-velocity selectable modes: Sporting activities / Cruise / Eco energy saving, suitable for various use situations, to obtain a multi-objective
seven) Inner circulation cooling system related to the vehicle, which enhances the existence of the pump and is upkeep-free of charge. Use the car’s common coolant to go well with the neighborhood local weather
8) Adopting the standard-goal gasoline motor propeller mounting interface, it is more convenient and cost-effective to replace propeller
9) Cost-free smartphone meter exhibit Applications, CZPT in equally Android and iOS variations: 
ten) Open assistance for any 48VDC battery techniques, end users are cost-free to select a local battery suppliers
11) Device set up is widespread with gasoline engines, simple and upkeep-free of charge
12) The charges are equal to the four-stroke gasoline motor, affordable, and really produce values for consumers

EZ Outboard Important Characteristics
CZPT Zero-pollution
CZPT Propulsion Zero Emission
Cost-effective Saving Zero Gasoline
Extreme Higher Effectiveness Zero Odor 
Remarkable Resilient Zero Maintenance 
EZ to Use
Straightforward to Setup and Work:Electrical power Button and Throttle
Multi-Velocity Modes, Programmable Controller
Help Tiller or Distant Steering Handle in Single Device
Adjustable Transom Lengths: Lengthy,Medium,Limited (All-in-1)

Ultra-Light, Extraordinary Thrust Force, Moveable CZPT Outboards 

Leisure Series Functions: Ultra-Gentle, Big Thrust Force, Electricity Preserving
1) High thrust power, slower speed, energy conserving, quite ideal for leisure boats.
2) There is no require of expensive huge battery packs
3) Brushless, high torque push motor (2KW-6KW) for strong steady thrust power
4) Gearless, no pace reduction system, generating the mechanical design much more concise, quiet, resilient, and energy-preserving
5) Extended/brief shaft All-in-One, consumers can adjust the installation depth and angle at any time to optimize the propulsion effectiveness
6) Remote/Tiller handle compatible interface, consumers can freely decide on/swap handle modes
7) 3-pace selectable modes: Sports / Cruise / Eco energy conserving, suitable for various use eventualities, to accomplish a multi-function
8) Free of charge smartphone meter display Apps, CZPT in the two Android and iOS versions: 
nine) Open up assistance for any 48VDC battery programs, consumers are free of charge to decide on a local battery suppliers
10) Equipment installation is frequent with gasoline engines, straightforward and routine maintenance-totally free
11) The rates are equivalent to the 4-stroke gasoline engine, affordable, and truly develop values for customers

How do I determine the capability of the battery pack essential? 

Battery is the new sort of “gasoline” for electric powered propulsion outboards, you never ever require to go to gasoline station to refuel your outboard any longer. You only need to have to recharge your batteries at home or docking location. 

As soon as you’ve got chosen an electric outboard that effectively fits the weight and performance of your loaded boat, the subsequent job is to size the battery bank that will store the power to push it. The dimension of the battery lender will rely on the AMP attract you plan to often place on it and the selection of HangCZPTs you need to vacation. It is not simple to know the existing attract just before you try it as each boat is diffrent from other people in hull form, length, load, pace and day-to-day procedure hour you want, not like electrical cars which is mounted for every single car model in factory. Our expandable battery modules will make your lifestyle significantly simpler to decide how big the battery lender you require to meet your objective. You can just buy 1 battery module very first to test boat efficiency with electric propel outboard and uncover out accurate AMP attract for your unique boat set up in diffrent pace. After preliminary boat tests, then you can very easily determine out how many such battery modules needed to get the boat velocity and travel length you want. You can very easily parallel url up to 4 expandable battery modules to sort a larger capacity battery bank by making use of our Scalable Battery Hub (QuadCell, see item photo underneath). You can use two such hubs to url 8 battery modules. Each battery module is gentle excess weight for a single person to carry around. Each and every module has its very own battery management technique (constructed-in BMS) and charger. We have developed 3 models of battery module for diffrent electric boats, 48V20AH, 48V30AH and 48V50AH. Their characteristics and features are essentially identical apart from they have different capacities. All have its built-in LED meter and support blue-tooth relationship to Android smart telephones. There is cost-free downloadable App to demonstrate battery information, like voltage, recent drawn, capability remaining, internal temerature and GPS speed of running boat. 

Keep and Switch Photograph underneath to Check out Merchandise in 360 Degree, Solution Name: QuadCell

We select the most protected LiFePO4 battery type for our expanable battery modules, the supplies used within battery cell will not result in any fire or explosion. The quality of cell is extremely constant and can previous far more than 2000 charging cycles. Its C-ranking is 3 times, that means a single 48V50AH module can output 150A continuosly. That is why you can purchase just 1 or two battery modules 1st, to check the outboard motor efficiency and get amperage to determine just before you know the specific battery capacity you require. 

For instance, your demo boat testing shows you the motor recent drawn from battery module is all around 65A, if you want to run your boat for 3 hours, then you need 65A*3H=195Ah battery potential to meet your minimal specifications, this tells that you have to acquire 4 sets of 48V50AH (four*50Ah=200Ah) battery modules all with each other. 

Why we pick 48V system for outboard motor and battery pack, since it is safe for human and straightforward to move neighborhood government security regulations. 

Of training course, you can constantly get other sort of batteries from third party suppliers you can find domestically, as extended as its output voltage is 48V, and capability is enough to push the electric powered outboards. 

CZPTers comments: 

Leisure Collection: 

Sports activities Series: 

Add-ons for Teleflex/Remote Handle: 
Teleflex Cabling Set, Stainless Steering Wheel, Distant Control Joystick Established

Manufacturing unit Creation: 

electric outboard motor with LiFePO4 battery


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