Electromagnetic Stirrer

Electromagnetic Stirrer

ShenGang Electromagnetic Stirrer


Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS) is routinely utilized on CCM(ongoing casting equipment of bloom/billet), installed in the mould, strand or closing. Most EMS are put in outside or inside of the mould, which relies upon on the conditions of your casters. CZPTerized adjustment that you can use Mould-EMS + Closing EMS with each other to achieve a greater metallurgical outcomes.

Functioning Principle:

An inductive Electromagnetic Stirrer is the stator of an asynchronous motor, the rotor of which is the liquid core of the constantly solid merchandise in CCM. This stator creates possibly a rotating or a traveling magnetic induction discipline, which induces eddy present perpendicular to magnetic discipline. The stirrer creates mobile magnetic fields, which penetrate into the liquid steel, and produces eddy current. The magnetic induction discipline and the eddy current combine to generate an electro-magnetic drive, which triggers the stirring motion in the liquid steel. During cooling and solidification of liquid metal, columnar dendrites are formed which are oriented along the direction of temperature gradient. This brings about central segregation and inter-columnar cracking when the reliable shell is subjected to tensile strains during solidification.

Electromagnetic stirring of liquid steel facilitates faster dissipation of superheat and the development of an equi-axed framework in the cast merchandise. Stirring of liquid pool will boost the inner construction owing to greater warmth transfer between solidification front and liquid steel pool. The equi-axed zone in the solid solution will improve whilst the central segregation will reduce. It will also aid in reduction of breakouts during operation of CCM due to better dissipation of warmth.


EMS is made up of coil, electric powered controller and cooling drinking water method. CZPTal controller is made up of remote IPC, regional manage cupboard (PLC/IPC) and frequency inverter cupboard. MEMS CZPT Magnetic Stirrer Maker –ShenGang MEMS has two varieties in accordance to the mildew relative placement as: Crystallizer Developed-in Type& Crystallizer Exteriorized Sort. There are three sorts of EMS in accordance to set up position:
–Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer : M-EMS
–Strand Electromagnetic Stirrer: S-EMS
–Final Electromagnetic Stirrer: F-EMS

Solution Photo
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About Inquiry:
I. There are three kinds of EMS according to installation position: 
1. Mold Electromagnetic Stirrer: M-EMS
two. Strand Electromagnetic Stirrer: S-EMS
3. Final Electromagnetic Stirrer: F-EMS

II.Do you need built-in type electromagnetic stirrer or built-out type electromagnetic stirrer?
Mold electromagnetic stirrer(M-EMS) is divided into built-in and built-out type according to its relative position with crystallizer/casting mold.

— Developed-in type electromagnetic stirrer is installed within water tank of mould/crystallizer.

— Constructed-out variety electromagnetic stirrer put in on crystallizer/casting mold ‘s periphery.

III.What is the dimension of your crystallizer/casting mildew? You should supply drawing for us.

IV.Do you need purchase complete equipment or only need stirrer?
complete equipment is including stirrer and control part equipment.

Model Set up Placement MF Modes Casting blank fracturemm Noticeable capability
General dimensionmm Mass
DJMR-2832NS Inner of Mold Rotary MF 280*320 260 two-10 five hundred φ820*420 540
DJMR-2525NS 350*250 220 three-12 400 seven hundred*420 four hundred
DJMR-2222NS 220*220 one hundred eighty 3-twelve 400 660*400 360
DJMR-2571NS two hundred*two hundred one hundred fifty three-12 400 660*four hundred 360
DJMR-1616NS one hundred sixty*160 one hundred thirty 3-12 350 670*476 320
DJMR-1515NS 150*150 140 3-12 three hundred 580*500 300
DJMR-2838WC Exterior of Mould 280*380 350 three-eleven 550 1240*500 1600
DJMR-2528WC 250*280 260 two-nine 360 1120*470 a hundred and ten
DJMR-2222WC 220*220 240 2-9 360 900*480 850
DJMR-2571WS 200*two hundred two hundred two-10 360 830*350 680

Electromagnetic Stirrer


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