T, Tdmk Large Size Synchronous Low Speed High Voltage Ball Mill Three Phase Motor Tdmk1250-32 3250-1250kw

T, Tdmk Large Size Synchronous Low Speed High Voltage Ball Mill Three Phase Motor Tdmk1250-32 3250-1250kw

This collection is ideal to work in this sort of an indoor atmosphere with an altitude not far more than 1,000m and a coolant temperature not far more than 40ºC, with less dust, and CZPT vapour, acid, alkali or corrosive/explosive gas. The rated voltage is 6000V for this sequence, and we can style with 3000V and 10000Vaccording to the needs from the customers. Its allowable voltage deviation variety is +five%, rated offer frequency 50Hz and rated electricity element .nine (lead).
The motor has a cylindrical shaft extension, whose rotation route shall be consistent with that on the nameplate, ordinarily anticlockwise when noticed from the stop of gathering ring, and also, we can generate the types with a clockwise rotation. When a coupling is utilized to hook up the motor and a mill, the motor’s shaft extension shall not bear added radial or axial force. 50hz and rated energy element .nine (lead).
The sequence adopts a stationary controllable silicon exciter.
It is authorized to be immediately started out at total voltage, when such starting manner is not permitted because of to the ability of the electricity grid of a single user, it can be started out at decreased voltage, at this time, the lower of its commencing current is in immediate proportion to its terminal voltage even though the decrease of starting up torque is in course to the square of its terminal voltage.
Stator leads: six sales opportunities, respectively U1, V1, W1, U2, V2 & W2, all of which are led out by a substantial-voltage cabtyre cable from the terminal clamp at the base of the body, and can be led out by a junction box CZPT in accordance to client demands.
Pedestal bearing:  ring-oiled or merged bearings adopted, put in among baseboards and underlaid with insulating padding plates to avert shaft recent.
Pedestal bearing:  ring-oiled or blended bearings adopted, installed amongst baseboards and underlaid with insulating padding plates to stop shaft existing.
Frame: welded by metal plates, leading-out terminal at the bottom.
Stator: its iron main is made of piled fHangCZPT strips stamped with .5mm lower-decline silicon metal plate, and is separated by radial duct spacer stator windings adopt fashioned double-layer limited-pitched coils with an insulation class of B or F (temperature rise assessed according to class B), that are beneficial to lengthen service daily life and due to the fact winding terminals have been fixed and strapped reliably and processed with solvent-totally free VPI (vacuum force impregnation) and have gone by way of several instances of checks for flip-to-switch impulse withstand voltage and face up to voltage to floor, the motor has superb and reputable insulation performance, substantial mechanical toughness and powerful moisture proofing.
Rotor: its magnetic poles produced of stamped steel plates which are mounted at rotor discipline yoke together with pole coils with an insulation course of B or F. When a buyer would like to undertake a pneumatic clutch, we can layout a revolving shaft or a shaft with punched holes in accordance to consumer requirements.
The series is a type of huge-sized 3-section AC synchronous motor largely employed to drive mills in mines, like grate ball mill, rod mill and coal mill.

Product Title: Higher Voltage Ball Mill Synchronous Motor
Rated voltage: 3000V, 6000V, 10000V
Potential range: 320 kW ~ 5000kW
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60HZ
Cooling approach: IC01
Quota: S1
Synchronous velocity: 150-187.5r/min
Insulation course: B
Temperature rise degree: B
Relationship: Y
Security stage: IP00/IP21
Power issue: .9 (foremost)
Excitation method: static thyristor (other excitation methods can also be made)
Altitude: no much more than 1000m
This massive-scale large-voltage synchronous motor is suited for use in environments where the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and there is no severe dust, the minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gasoline in the air (which can also be manufactured into a damp heat or higher-altitude motor).

This series of ball mill synchronous motor adopts new technology, new supplies, new technology, colorful and exquisite, nicely-made, certain modest quantity, light bodyweight, high performance, reduced sounds, tiny vibration, safe and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance. The motor has an superior electricity element (which improves grid power element), high performance, higher security and substantial overload capability, and has the overall performance that the velocity does not alter with load.

The company insists on providing large-quality motor items and services to users, and has received high praise from numerous domestic and international buyers. The company will acquire several international merchants to pay a visit to our manufacturing unit each year, and set up a very good cooperative romantic relationship by way of on-web site inspection of our factory. Our business always welcomes consumers to check out our manufacturing facility.

The motor items produced and bought by our company are utilized in many industries, this kind of as electrical power, mining, metal metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy, transportation, constructing resources and numerous other industries. The equipment for the motor is pump, machine tool, fan, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and a lot of other industrial products.

one. The outer packaging of the products are all normal export-oriented wooden plywood packaging.
2, the product packaging is safeguarded by humidity, drinking water plastic gentle packaging
three. For goods with special transportation specifications (these kinds of as temperature, fragile, variability, and easy to get damp), the packaging safety actions will be strengthened, and the goal mark will be printed on the package deal.
4. There are clear symptoms and symbols on the packing box that have to be compensated consideration to throughout transportation and storage (this kind of as placement, moisture, rain, shockproof, lifting situation, etc.).


T, Tdmk Large Size Synchronous Low Speed High Voltage Ball Mill Three Phase Motor Tdmk1250-32 3250-1250kw


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